Sagawa Distribution Centers (SRC: Sagawa Ryutsu Center)

Service Features

Sagawa Express has established distribution hubs in 76 locations throughout Japan, with the aim of achieving a highly-developed and large-scale comprehensive logistics service.

  • Our SRCs offer a total logistics service from acceptance, temporary storage, pricing and various logistics processing through to shipment of our customers' items, and we promote streamlining wherever possible.
  • Our links to the SG system allow us to offer outstanding delivery and shipment management and inventory controol. Our SRCs are utilized by customers with limited logistics space and customers planning to reduce labor costs.
  • SRCs comprehensively examine the characteristics, types and volumes of the accepted items and conditions at delivery destinations to create a specially tailored logistics system that meets the needs of each customer.

Introducing our services

  • Logistics consignments
    We accept one-stop consignments for total logistical handling of our customers' products, including temporary storage, logistics processing, pickup, pricing and shipment.
  • Logistics information support system
    We manage a wide variety of data, including the movement of goods from shipment through to delivery, as well as orders received, returns and invoices, etc.
    This data is utilized in digital picking systems, ABC management (arranging items in descending order of frequency) and improvements to logistics activities and product planning.
  • Logistics space
    We lend our customers logistics space as rental tenants and provide a one-stop service for the operation of product storage and space management.
    It goes without saying that we offer generous welfare benefits to our customers' staff so that they can work comfortably in the rented spaces.
  • Dispatching logistics staff
    We dispatch talented logistics staff as needed to our customers' logistics centers.
    What's more, we are able to adjust the number of staff dispatched to meet the variation in needs during busy and quiet times of the year.
  • Logistics consulting
    We carefully analyze our customers' conditions and provide various information and proposals on mechanization (from selection of material handling equipment to the design of logistics systems) and digitalization (logistics information support systems), and in doing so contribute to better logistics quality and promote more efficient and streamlined logistics.
  • Sale of logistics materials
    We sell materials to aid smoother logistics, including cardboard cases and cushioning materials.

Introducing our Distribution Centers

Our SRCs have been established in major areas throughout Japan and we have established a closely connected network.

Sapporo SRC
Sendai SRC
Tsukuba SRC
Tokyo SRC
Rapport Kawasaki SRC
Ichinomiya SRC
Hamamatsu SRC
Komaki SRC
Kanazawa SRC
Kyoto SRC
Osaka SRC
Sakai SRC
Senri SRC
Fujiidera SRC
Kobe SRC
Akashi SRC
Hiroshima SRC
Fukuoka SRC


Consultations and Inquiries

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