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Service Features

Door-to-door delivery to over 220 countries and regions worldwide is available.
For the convenience of users, prices are divided into 8 delivery regions, calculated in increments of 0.5 kg of gross weight for either our small parcel or document courier service.
The same prices are applied to international deliveries wherever they are sent from in Japan.

[Customer]Sender:Corporations Service available,Individuals Service available for some customers Destination Corporations Delivery available,Individuals Delivery available.[Payment Methods] Sender:Paid by sender(cash) Cash payment unavailable,Paid by sender(credit) Monthly payment available.Destination: payment on delivery Cash&monthly payment both unavailable.
Service is available for customers who have acquired a Sagawa Express customer code.
Please contact a sales office for inquiries about customer codes or if you want to acquire a customer code.
Please contact the Global Call Center (0120-18-9595) to check the areas to which delivery to individual customers is available.

Available Parcel Size

Available Parcel Size

The service is available for parcels up to 260cm (total dimensions of 3 sides) and up to 50kg per parcel.

However, in the case of multi-item dispatches, a total weight limit of 500kg is applied.
Please contact the Global Call Center (0120-18-9595) to inquire about baggage exceeding the above limits.

Charges (for sending packages)

Transport fees for small parcels (small business packages) and document courier (business documents) vary by destination area (country, region), gross weight including packaging, and the dimensions of the package. Please check the Zone Chart and Price List for more details.

How to Use

Two types of service are offered through sgx: small parcels (small business packages) and document courier (business documents). Please select the appropriate service type for your package.
  • Small parcel (small business package) service
    This is a small parcel transport service for the global delivery of product samples (commercial value or no commercial value), spare parts, high-value products, etc. (* Booklets are classed as small parcels.)
  • Document courier (business documents) service
    This service offers delivery of business documents, as well as catalogues attached to these documents, periodical publications and other printed materials.
Prepare the necessary forms.
Fill in a Hikyaku International Express delivery form and Hikyaku International Express invoice (written in English).
Hikyaku International Express delivery form
  • For each parcel with commercial value, three copies of the invoice (written in English) need to be prepared by the customer.
  • For invoices, use your company's letterhead or download and fill out a commercial invoice format from this website.
  • Please fill the invoice out using Excel or Word.

The commercial invoice is an important document required by customs law to send goods overseas. Customs authorities need it for customs clearance purposes.
An accurately filled-out commercial invoice provides the basic information needed for preparation of customs clearance documents related to the shipment.
This information is also used by the customs authorities of the importing countries to carry out accurate investigations into tariffs and import applications.

Example of a commercial invoice

  • (1) Date the commercial invoice is prepared
  • (2) Name and address of sender
  • (3) Shipment origin (e.g. Osaka, Japan)
  • (4) Recipient's name, address and telephone number
  • (5) Shipment destination (e.g. New York, USA)
  • (6) Importer/exporter Customs Registration code (CR Code) for China
  • (7) Number of packages
  • (8) Description of goods
  • (9) Product materials (e.g. STEEL, 100% COTTON)
  • (10) H.S.S Code * Needed for shipments to China and Europe
  • (11) Country of origin (e.g. Japan)
  • (12) Quantity
  • (13) Unit price
  • (14) Subtotal
  • (15) Trade terms (e.g. FOB Japan)
  • (16) Currency (e.g. Japanese yen)
  • (17) Total price
  • (18) Total number of packages
  • (19) Weight
  • (20) The packages have no commercial value (delete if the packages do have commercial value)
  • (21) Hand-written signature
Please contact a sales office.
A sales driver will come to collect your packages.

Notes on Use

See the following pages for more details.


Please call our Global Call Center.

Business hours haves changed.
We apologize for any inconvenience caused and thank you for your kind understanding.

0120-18-9595 / Tokyo: +81-3-6854-5711

New business hours: 9:00am to 6:00pm (Mon - Fri) (Closed Weekends and Public Holidays)


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