Hikyaku Cool Express Transport Flow Chart

We protect the quality of your products by using optimum temperature control and route selection.

Transport Flow Chart

Service system

Even if the delivery date is specified by the recipient or the recipient is not available to receive the package, customers can have peace of mind. Refrigerator-freezers are installed in sales branches all over Japan, allowing temperature control of your package until delivery.

Collection and delivery

Our sales drivers use the best methods for collection and delivery of chilled/frozen items. We always offer optimum temperature control of packages in order to meet our customers' needs.


We have built a more efficient transport network with better quality control by combining use of the cool storage facilities of Sagawa Express and Nichirei, which are located throughout Japan.


Special cool air transport containers are used to meet our customers’ needs. Reliable temperature control is ensured for a variety of different air routes.


Special large Hikyaku Cool Express trucks are used to provide land transport to sales branches all over Japan. During transport, the temperature is strictly controlled to ensure the quality and reliability of deliveries.

Collection and delivery control system

The location of packages can be tracked by our cargo tracking system based on the location information entered by sales drivers.