Hikyaku Cool Express

Service Overview

Service features

This service is available for a wider range of parcels than our competitors' cool delivery services: up to 140 cm (total dimensions of 3 sides) and 30 kg in weight. We offer full support to provide high quality and low-cost delivery of chilled and frozen items, giving you freshness, quality and peace of mind.

Our special cool trucks offer the following benefits:

  • Refrigerated transport under strict temperature control (2 ℃ to 10 ℃ for chilled items, -18 ℃ or lower for frozen items)
    • Service operations are performed at chilled temperatures during the transportation procedure. Packages may be temporarily exposed to ambient air during loading, pick up and delivery.
  • Reasonable delivery prices (cool delivery fees start at 275 yen for packages up to 60 cm (total dimensions of 3 sides) and 2 kg in weight)
  • A wide selection of available sizes, up to 140 cm (total of 3 sides) and 0 kg in weight.
  • Cool express
  • Cash on delivery available
  • Scheduled delivery
Customers who are eligible



Available Package Size

This service is available for packages up to 140 cm (total dimensions of 3 sides) and 30 kg in weight.


Calculation of the total rates
The total rates are calculated as rates + cool delivery charge.

Service charge for "Hikyaku Express" and "Hikyaku Air Express" below will be applied as rates.

Hikyaku Express
Available for parcels up to 160 cm (total dimensions of 3 sides) and 30 kg in weight.
For Hikyaku Cool Express, available size range is up to 140 cm and 30 kg in weight.

Hikyaku Air Express
Faster delivery to remote areas is available by using air transport.

Cool Delivery Charge
A Cool Delivery Fee is added to the regular price. The same fee is charged for chilled and frozen delivery.Size

Size Total dimensions of 3 sides・Weight Cool Delivery
Fee (incl. tax)
60 Up to 60 cm・Up to 2 kg 275 yen
80 Up to 80 cm・Up to 5 kg 330 yen
100 Up to 100 cm・Up to 10 kg 440 yen
140 Up to 140 cm・Up to 20 kg 880 yen
Up to 140 cm・Up to 30 kg 1,320 yen
Payment Method

Prepayment (Cash/QR code* payment)
Payment by cash or QR code on delivery.

Prepayment (accounts receivable )
A monthly invoice will be issued to senders. (*Available only for corporate customers)

Cash on delivery (Cash/QR code payment)
Payment by cash or QR code on delivery.

Cash on delivery (accounts receivable)
A monthly invoice will be issued to recipients. (*Available only for corporate customers)

  • QR code is a registered trademark of Denso Wave Inc.

How to Use

Fill in the Invoice

Please tick either "Chilled" or "Frozen" in the Cool Express check-box on the delivery form.

  • When using e-collect, please use an e-collect delivery form.

Attach Hikyaku Cool Express Sticker (chilled or frozen) on Your Package

Please affix the Hikyaku Cool Express sticker as shown below.


Explain to the sales driver that you are using Hikyaku Cool Express.

Transport Flow Chart

We protect the quality of your products by using optimum temperature control and route selection.
Even if the delivery date is specified by the recipient or the recipient is not available to receive the package, customers can have peace of mind. Refrigerator-freezers are installed in sales branches all over Japan, allowing temperature control of your package until delivery.
By utilizing a pickup and delivery management system, we manage locating your package by receiving information from the sales driver.


Our sales drivers use the best methods for collection and delivery of chilled/frozen items. We always offer optimum temperature control of packages in order to meet our customers' needs.

Transport Packages to Nichirei's Cold Storage Facilities

We have built a more efficient transport network with better quality control by combining use of the cool storage facilities of Sagawa Express and Nichirei, which are located throughout Japan.

Transport by Air/Land

Special cool air transport containers are used to meet our customers’ needs. Reliable temperature control is ensured for a variety of different air routes.

Special large Hikyaku Cool Express trucks are used to provide land transport to sales branches all over Japan. During transport, the temperature is strictly controlled to ensure the quality and reliability of deliveries.

Notes on using Cool Express

  1. lease check that cool delivery services are available for your delivery region.
  2. Hikyaku Cool Express is not a refrigeration service for packages. Please cool your items beforehand. (For chilled items, at 8℃ or below for at least 6 hours; or for frozen items, at -18℃ or below for at least 12 hours)
  3. Please note that some service operations are performed at chilled temperatures; and packages may be exposed to ambient air temporarily during Hikyaku Cool Express transportation.
  4. Please affix a Hikyaku Cool Express sticker, specified by Sagawa Express, on your items yourself, to clarify whether they are chilled or frozen.
  5. There is a maximum storage period of 4 days in the event that the recipient is not available to accept delivery of the package.
  6. We cannot accept items that exceed the limits of our temperature control (items for controlled freezing point storage, frozen items requiring temperature control below -18℃, etc.) Please see our Temperature Control List for more details.
  7. We do not handle combination packaging with significant size variation, even if the packages are within our sizing guidelines.

Notes on Use

  • Terms of use vary depending on the area, including service availability and deadlines for order acceptance. Please contact a sales office for more details.
  • The maximum compensation for damages is 300,000 yen.
  • We cannot handle dangerous items.
  • Delivery may be delayed as a result of traffic congestion caused by natural disasters or accidents, or abnormal weather conditions, etc.
  • Packing must be carried out by customers.
  • Please notify our staff of any personal information, high-value items, etc. contained in your package that require special care.
  • Please write descriptions of the items being sent and any special remarks in the "Descriptions" box on the delivery form.

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