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Service Features

We support settlement operations related to your mail-order sales and B2B transactions.
We generate stable cash flow by supporting troublesome credit-related operations, including credit inquiries, invoice issuance, and deposit management, to help expand your business.

Sagawa B2B Settlement Service

This is a credit settlement service available for B2B business transactions.
Sagawa Express guarantees your revenue and carries out payment collection from your customers on your behalf.

Sagawa Payment-after-delivery Service

This settlement service allows consumers to pay for goods that they have purchased by mail order at the counter in a convenience store, etc., after receiving the goods. Since Sagawa Express pays the price of the goods to mail-order businesses on behalf of the consumers, mail-order businesses can avoid the risk of failing to collect accounts receivable. This service ensures safety and security for both consumers and mail-order businesses.

Service fees

Service fees vary depending on the collection method and other conditions. For service fees, please refer to the details of services.