Hikyaku Telegram Express

Service Overview

Service features

The Hikyaku Telegram Express service delivers messages which have been requested via the dedicated website.

In this service, messages accepted by 14:00 are delivered the same day, and on the following day if accepted after 14:00, at uniform rates across the country.

  • Excluding some areas.
Customers who are eligible



Service Coverage Area


  • For more information, please contact us at the toll free number for Hikyaku Telegram Express.

From 1,144 Yen (incl. tax)

Please confirm the details on the application website for Hikyaku Telegram Express.

Payment Method

Prepayment (accounts receivable)
A monthly invoice will be issued to senders.

How to Use

The application for Hikyaku Telegram Express is available on the dedicated website.

Application website for Hikyaku Telegram Express

Please ask a sales office or sales driver for more details.

Notes on Use

  • A Sagawa Express customer code is required to apply for Hikyaku Telegram Express.
  • Delivery may be delayed as a result of traffic congestion caused by natural disasters or accidents, or abnormal weather conditions, etc.
  • Same-day delivery is possible if you complete your application by 14:00 on the day of delivery.
  • Remote islands and some areas may not be covered by the same-day delivery service.

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