Message from President

A "True Partner and Logistics Solution Provider" That Contributes to the Development of Customers

Sagawa Express Co., Ltd. began operations in 1957, delivering its first package between Kyoto and Osaka. Since then, we have inherited the "hikyaku no kokoro" (the spirit of the Edo-era express messengers) from our founder and continued to deliver our customers' heart and soul along with their precious goods left in trust with us.

Today, the society that surrounds us is changing at an unprecedented speed, and the requirements of our stakeholders are becoming more sophisticated and diverse. Many companies are paying attention to logistics reform as an effective tool to support their management strategies. Therefore, we are required to be able to respond quickly to the social environment and make the exact proposals customers expect from us.

To address such issues and social circumstances, the SG Holdings Group has newly formulated the SGH Vision 2030 "Grow the new Story. New logistics, nurturing a new society together." In April 2022, Sagawa Express launched a new mid-term management plan called "SGH Story 2024" with this basic policy: "a 'true partner and logistics solution provider' that contributes to the development of customers."

The needs of our customers are expected to become even more sophisticated and diverse. To meet such needs and contribute to the solution of social issues, we will strive to develop our comprehensive logistics solutions to an even higher level. These efforts include developing and strengthening the TMS (transportation management system), which produces all kinds of transportation, and various services, such as international logistics for overseas shipping that seamlessly supports cross-border EC. We will also contribute to achieving the SDGs, or globally-agreed sustainable development goals, through every possible way. For these purposes, our cross-group advanced logistics project team called "GOAL®" optimizes customers' logistics by meeting their needs, both current and potential, through synergies among our group companies.

As part of the social responsibility of a transportation and logistics company, we will continue to think safety first, while putting our efforts into environmental conservation and social contribution activities. For sustainable growth, we will continue to advance with all our stakeholders.

Masahide Motomura

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