Sagawa Express Services
Our sales drivers recommend the best delivery solutions for our customers. We at Sagawa Express deliver your precious packages along with the "heart of our customers," 365 days a year with the greatest care. As a comprehensive logistics company, we offer a variety of services ranging from home delivery to logistics consulting.
Delivery Services
Hikyaku Express
Hikyaku Free Size Package
Hikyaku Cool Express
Hikyaku Round-Trip Express
Hikyaku Security Express
Hikyaku PC Express
Hikyaku Just Time Express
Hikyaku Air Express, Hikyaku Air Express Free Size Package
Hikyaku Mail Express
Hikyaku You-Mail Express
Hikyaku Marketing Mail
Optional Services
Delivery Time Selection Service (free of charge)
Solution Services
Sagawa Distribution Center
(SRC: Sagawa Ryutsu Center)
Package Tracking Service
Web Services

Price List