Sightseeing Without Baggage

Same Day Hotel Delivery

Same Day Hotel Delivery

We deliver to hotels and accommodation facilities from our service centers.

We can deliver the items that you drop off at our service centers to your hotel on the same day. If you are staying within the 23 wards of Tokyo or at a hotel in the vicinity of Tokyo Disneyland and you drop off your items before 11AM, we will deliver them on the same day. Why not enjoy sightseeing in Tokyo on the day you arrive?

We deliver to Tokyo Station from hotels and accommodation facilities.

We also carry out same day delivery from accommodation facilities to the Sagawa Express service center at Tokyo Station (TOKYO SERVICE CENTER).
We can pick up baggage from customers who have checked out of their accommodation facilities, allowing them to enjoy sightseeing without baggage. However, the service is not offered at all hotels and accommodation facilities. Please check with the staff at your hotel or accommodation.

Notice to Hotels

Please ask Sagawa Express Tourist Operations Office for information on Tokyo Station baggage collection service.
Sagawa Express Tourist Operations Office :

We will check the contents of your inquiry and contact you. In some cases, this may take a few days.


The price differs depending on the size of your baggage. Please see the Price List for details.


Q01.What time are the pickup and delivery deadlines?
We pick up before 11AM for delivery from 4PM onwards.
There are times when delivery may be delayed due to traffic conditions, but delivery will be completed by around 8PM.
Q02.Can I send an item using Same Day Hotel Delivery from the hotel I have booked? (Is the hotel a partner hotel?)
You can send items from/to hotels located in any of Tokyo’s 23 wards or in hotels located around Tokyo Disneyland (Urayasu City).
Q03.How much does it cost?
The cost for a suitcase is ¥1,848(3 dimensions less than 140cm)
Q04.Is delivery ever late?
There are times when delivery is delayed because of traffic conditions, but delivery will be completed by around 8PM.
Q05.Is it better to let the hotel know in advance that items will be delivered?
There is no need to inform the hotel. Simply leave your items with us and enjoy sightseeing in Tokyo.