Sightseeing Without Baggage


Temporary Storage

Q01.Are there any size restrictions for baggage?
Baggage must be 200 cm or less in total dimensions for the three sides, and 30 kg or less in weight.
Q02.Are there any items that cannot be stored?
Pets and other living creatures cannot be stored.
Refrigerated and frozen items can also be stored at the "TOKYO SERVICE CENTER", "ASAKUSA KAMINARIMON SERVICE CENTER", and "NIHONBASHI 3-CHOME SERVICE CENTER (Nihonbashi Sakuradori Baggage Storage)".
Q03.How many days can I store baggage for?
If you wish to store your items for several days, please check with our service counter.
Q04.Can I access my baggage while it is being stored?
You can access your baggage as often as you like.
Q05.Can I add items of baggage?
Yes.There is no additional charge if the item fits in the initially stored baggage.
Q06.What is the maximum number of items I can store?
We have dedicated storage space, meaning there is no limit to the number of items you can store, unless we are especially busy, during peak seasons.
Q07.Can I store golf bags, skis, surfboards, snowboards, golf clubs, musical instruments, or bicycles?
Yes. However, baggage must be 200 cm or less in total dimensions for the three sides, and 30 kg or less in weight.
Q08.What happens if I don’t collect my item on the day?
If you cannot collect an item before the end of the day, please contact the service center where you dropped off your baggage.
You have five days to collect your baggage, including the day you drop it off.
However, you will be charged for the number of days your baggage is stored.
Q09.What happens if I lose my baggage receipt?
We will check the name and contact details that you filled in when initially storing your baggage.
Q10.Do you offer a group discount?
It varies by service center. Please check with your service center.
Q11.How is the service different from using a locker?
You can store items that will not fit inside a locker. You can also access your baggage while it is in storage.

Same Day Hotel Delivery

This service is currently not available.Please confirm "Information on the Impact of COVID-19" for detail.

Some of our service centers offer same-day hotel delivery for travelers using travel packages from designated travel agents.For more information, please contact our service center directly.
Q12.When is the reception closing time?
Generally, we pick up items before 11:00 for delivery from 16:00 onwards.
This depends on where and when you drop off your baggage. See "Same Day Hotel Delivery" for details.
Q13.Can I send an item using Same Day Hotel Delivery to the hotel I have booked?
You can send items to hotels located in any of Tokyo's 23 wards or in hotels located in Urayasu City on the same day.
Please see "Same Day Hotel Delivery" for details by area.
Q14.How much does it cost?
It depends on the size of the baggage. Please check the price list for details.
Q15.What time can I pick it up?
Packages are delivered after 16:00. Delivery will be completed by approximately 20:00.
*Delivery may be delayed due to traffic conditions.
Q16.Is it better to let the hotel know in advance that items will be delivered?
There is no need to inform the hotel. Simply leave your items with us and enjoy sightseeing.

Airport Receiving Service

Q17.Which counter do I pick my items up from?
Please pick your items up from the Sagawa Haneda Airport Delivery Counter at Haneda Airport, and Sagawa Express counter at Fukuoka Airport.
Please see "Airport Receiving Service" for more information.
Q18.What happens if I cannot make it to pick up my item?
You have five days from the date your package arrives to pick it up. However, please contact us in advance using the contact information on the receipt you received before shipping.
We will charge a storage fee for each day after the scheduled pickup date.

Regular Delivery Service

Q19.Is there anything I cannot send?
We cannot handle dangerous items, marketable securities, animals, or soiled items.
Q20.Can I send international parcels?
Some of our service centers handle international shipping.
Please see the list of Service Centers Nationwide for details.
Q21.Can I send unpacked items?
We provide cardboard boxes, shipping paper bags, etc. Please feel free to ask us.
Q22.Can I purchase packing materials only?
Q23.Do you offer services for sending valuable items or documents, 24-hour collection, and air mail services?
Yes. Please contact our service center for details.
Q24.Can I send items to remote islands?
Q25.Can I send golf bags, skis, surfboards, snowboards, golf clubs, or musical instruments?
Yes. Please contact our service center for more information.


Q26.Do I have to make a reservation to use your service?
Reservations are not required, but if your group comprises 10 or more people, please contact us in advance to ensure a smooth process.
Q27.Can I pick up my baggage at your service center?
You can pick up your baggage at the "TOKYO SERVICE CENTER", "SHINJUKU SERVICE CENTER", "ASAKUSA KAMINARIMON SERVICE CENTER", "NIHONBASHI 3-CHOME SERVICE CENTER (Nihonbashi Sakuradori Baggage Storage)", and "Kyoto Station Delivery Service Counter".
*Be sure to include the contact information of the person collecting the item.