Why were you installed?

I'm glad you asked!

The low birth rate is one issue facing Japan now. The decreasing birthrates and aging population are problems even for the logistics industry. Sagawa Express sees work automation and the installation of robots as important efforts to deal with this issue. There are many positions that can be handled through automation or by robots. Thinking that we androids can likely handle customer service, the folks at Sagawa Express are doing what they can within the current limits of technology and trying to make use of us at their locations.

As technology advances I think that robots will be able to take over more and more work for humans.

That's why I was assigned as the first android to the Tokyo Service Center!

What kind of training do you do?

I'll show you!

Before I was assigned to the Tokyo Service Center I did a lot of studying. I learned about distribution, Sagawa Express, and much more.

I learned about hikyaku no kokoro, which means the spirit of express messengers.
I also learned about the basics of hospitality! That means learning about greetings and manners.

What did you learn at your work place?

I learned about manners and service!

The next step of my training was to learn about greetings and manners from the senior workers.
I also learned about all the services handled at the Tokyo Service Center.

How has it been since you were assigned here?

A lot of customers have visited us, to use Sagawa Express services!
I've also learned a lot from all of the customers I've met.

There are many international visitors, as we are in a popular location.
If you visit the Tokyo Service Center make sure to come and say hello to me!

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