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Precision Instrument Delivery Service

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Service Features

Our Precision Instrument Delivery Service allows delivery of precision electronic products such as PCs in returnable packaging materials, ensuring safety and confidentiality during transportation.
Our sales driver brings a special box for this service to the sender, packs the product at the entrance of the sender's premises and then takes the package.

[Customer]Sender:Corporations Service available,Individuals Service available Destination Corporations Delivery available,Individuals Delivery available.[Payment Methods] Sender:Paid by sender(cash) Cash payment unavailable,Paid by sender(credit) Monthly payment available.Destination: payment on delivery Cash&monthly payment both available.
This service is available for corporate customers only. We cannot accept requests from individual customers.

Service Flow Chart

Service Flow Chart
[Pick-Up Flow]
  • A member of staff visits the user at a time of their choice with a special box and delivery form for the service.
  • We contact the user to confirm availability before pick-up.
  • A member of staff packs the product at the entrance to the sender's premises.
  • While packing the product, the member of staff checks for scratches, dents and other damage, confirms which accessories are included, and then issues a proof of pick-up.

Available Parcel Size

“SAGAWA Softair Package” is a special box used for this service and can be used to deliver a wide variety of precision products.
The special box is environmentally friendly because it is reusable. Use of the box can also be economical because it greatly reduces the cost of packaging materials.

Precision Instrument Delivery Service Box Sizes (outer dimensions [measured sizes])

Box Inner dimensions (mm) Box outer dimensions (mm) Product Example
S (L) 260×
(W) 200×
(H) 30
(L) 350×
(W) 290×
(H) 160
Mobile phones, digital cameras, game consoles
AW (L) 400×
(W) 280×
(H) 80
(L) 500×
(W) 380×
(H) 190
Laptops, mini PCs
A (L) 335×
(W) 290×
(H) 95
(L) 450×
(W) 390×
(H) 210
B (L) 450×
(W) 410×
(H) 155
(L) 600×
(W) 540×
(H) 250
Small-footprint tower PC main units
C (L) 520×
(W) 450×
(H) 225
(L) 680×
(W) 590×
(H) 330
Mid-size tower PC main units, LCD monitors
D (L) 500×
(W) 450×
(H) 390
(L) 640×
(W) 580×
(H) 485
15- & 17-inch displays, laser printers
E (L) 665×
(W) 410×
(H) 265
(L) 800×
(W) 530×
(H) 370
Inkjet printers
F (L) 515×
(W) 310×
(H) 460 (230×2)
(L) 655×
(W) 440×
(H) 610
Large-size PCs, 19-inch all-in-one PCs
[Outer box]

[Outer box]

[Basic set of inner packaging materials]

[Basic set of inner packaging materials]

[Set of outer box and inner packaging materials of S-BOX]

[Set of outer box and inner packaging materials of S-BOX]

Example of available products

Delivery is available for a wide variety of products, including mobile phones, digital cameras, and large-size monitors.

The service is also available for mandatory or voluntary recalls of precision products.


The price for the Precision Instrument Delivery Service is made up of a delivery charge, a special box use charge, and a packaging service charge.
Please contact your nearest sales office for more details.

Delivery charge+Box use charge+Packaging service charge=Precision Instrument Delivery Service Fee

Notes on Use

  1. This service is available only for delivery of electronic items, including PCs, PC peripherals, printers and digital cameras, etc.
    Delivery is not available for all electronics items.
  2. We cannot take responsibility for loss or damage of data on PCs and other products during repair or delivery.
    Please be sure to back up your data before dispatch.
  3. Please make sure that your product is turned off and all accessories such as cables are disconnected from the product before pick-up.
  4. Registration is required in advance to begin using this service.
    A member of staff from our nearest sales office will visit you, provide information about the service, and discuss details with you.
  5. This service is available to corporate customers only. We cannot accept requests from individual customers.

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