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Secure Tracking Service

Service Features

Secure Tracking Service

Our Secure Tracking Service uses a special case with a dial lock and which is equipped with a PHS terminal that enables tracking of the shipment, to deliver important items to our customers with a higher level of security and safety.

Advance application is required to use this service.
[Customer]Sender:Corporations Service available,Individuals Unavailable Destination Corporations Delivery available,Individuals Delivery available.[Payment Methods] Sender:Paid by sender(cash) Cash payment unavailable,Paid by sender(credit) Monthly payment available.Destination: payment on delivery Cash&monthly payment both unavailable.


The special case is equipped with a PHS terminal, allowing customers to track shipment 24 hours a day using the dedicated website. (The internet communications cost of tracking shall be borne by customers.)

Special transport insurance is available for customers who want to send packages containing personal information or other important items.

Available Parcel Size

The size of the special case is as follows.

  • Outer dimensions: W450 X D370 X H180 (mm)
  • Internal dimensions: W430 X D299 X H118 (mm)
    (Case can accommodate A3 sized documents.)
  • Weight 4.5 kg

Charges (for sending packages)

The "100 size" Hikyaku Express Charges.
See the Price List or carry out a Price Search for more details.

Service fees (service fees charged in addition to the regular price)

  • Initial registration cost: 0 yen
  • Monthly rental cost
    • Long-term (1 year): 5,500 yen (incl. tax)
    • Short-term (prices start from 1 month): 6,600 yen (incl. tax)
    • 1 week: 2,200 yen (incl. tax)
When using a one-week rental, customers are required to pay the mailing charges for returning the case.

What is included in the price?

  • Rental of 1 special case equipped with a PHS terminal
  • Replaceable battery pack (every 3 months)
  • Use of location tracking feature
An additional payment (insurance premium) is necessary if special insurance is taken out.
The internet communications cost of tracking shall be borne by customers.
Please see the Secure Tracking Service Conditions of Carriage for details of other charges.

How to Use

  1. Advance application is required to use this service. (In normal circumstances, a special case and special invoice will be delivered to the customer within 8 business days of application.)
  2. Please place your content inside the special case and lock it using the dial lock.
  3. Fill in the special invoice and attach it to the prescribed location on the special case.
  4. Explain to the sales driver that you will be using the Secure Tracking Service.

Notes on Use

  1. There is no bulk discount available and no special prices for rental fees or transportation.
  2. The conditions of carriage for available items are the same as the Hikyaku Express Conditions of Carriage.
    Please only send items if you are in agreement that, because of the difficulty in defining clear standards on how to give a monetary valuation for personal or confidential information, in the unlikely event that a loss occurs compensation will only be paid for the financial value of the empty CD or floppy disk that contained your data or information.
    Please take out special insurance to prepare for all eventualities.
  3. Please take good care of the user ID and password you are issued with when entering the contract. These are needed to use the location tracking feature of the service and to check contract details, etc.
  4. The location tracking feature can only be used within Japan.
  5. Customers are asked to collect the special cases after delivery to recipients.
  6. Special cases may only be used for Sagawa Express transportation services.
  7. Please contact the Secure Tracking Service Office immediately if a special case becomes damaged or lost.