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Smart Import

Smart Import is an integrated logistics service from overseas factories to destinations in Japan. This service enables you to receive goods directly, without using a logistics centers in Japan.

Smart Import covers operations that normally occur after products arrive in Japan (product inspection, needle detection, sorting products by store, creating and affixing price and shipping labels, etc.). This service can help you avoid paying import duties on faulty products, optimize logistics costs, and reduce lead times by not using logistics centers in Japan.

Service Flow

Service Centers

SG holdings group is planning to establish more service centers in South Asia.

Customer Benefits

1. Optimized costs

  • Reduce logistics costs by transporting products directly from port to consignee through Sagawa's delivery network, without using a logistics center in Japan.
  • Optimize logistics costs by assigning logistics operations (product inspection, needle detection, sorting products by store, etc.) to overseas service operators,thus reducing costs.
  • Cut wasteful costs (transportation fees, import duties for faulty products, etc.) through product inspection and needle detection at overseas service operators.

2. Lead time reduction

  • Reduce times for domestic operations, such as interim storage and secondary sorting at logistics centers.
  • After import customs clearance, goods can be delivered directly to consignees from Sagawa's distribution centers.

Strengths of Sagawa Express

  1. Overseas centers provide various services including distribution processing.
  2. Japanese staff are stationed at these overseas centers.
  3. Services available at centers in Asia include warehousing, storage, product inspection, needle detection, distribution processing, affixing shipping labels, sorting, packing, and shipping.
  4. By affixing Sagawa Express shipping labels at the oversea centers, to packages destined for Japan, those goods can be delivered directly to consignees immediately after import customs clearance, without using domestic logistic centers.
  5. It's possible to consolidate shipments from multiple factories into a single container and deliver it to a specified port through intermodal freight transport.
  6. We can provide more advanced buyer's consolidation services, using bonded facilities.
  7. A variety of other services offered by SG Holdings Group are available in combination with the Smart Import service.